Report: The Great Resignation - why employees are leaving, and what to do about it

Amidst the chaos and constant change of the pandemic workplace, a business health crisis has emerged - the Big Quit, also known as the Great Resignation or the Great Attrition. Nearly 70% of UK Workers say they're ready to move on to a new position. But what exactly is motivating them to move on, sometimes without even securing new employment?

After nearly two years weathering a global pandemic, burnout, poor mental health and the support companies offer (or lack) are key factors in why people are staying...or leaving.

Download this report to learn:

  • The price companies pay for increased attrition 
  • How to identify risk factors for turnover in your workplace
  • What you'll need to build a culture of mental health
  • Steps to become a workplace people don't want to leave
  • And more


Ready to build a culture of mental health?