Executive summary: Workplace mental health trends 2024

A December 2023 survey of HR leaders demonstrates that employee mental health—and their quality of life—remains a top priority as we head into 2024.

98% of employers surveyed currently offer at least one mental wellbeing benefit, yet these investments continue to fall short of employees' needs and preferences. However, 74% of organizations are committed to increasing or reallocating spend to meet the needs of their employees, offering hope of improved mental health in the workplace in the year ahead.  

2024 exec summary

Read the latest survey report to learn how HR and wellbeing leaders are addressing employee mental health in 2024 and beyond.

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  • How mental health benefits uptake has highlighted an increased need for support
  • Why HR leaders are planning to change their approach to employee mental health and organizational culture
  • Why organizations are investing in the mental wellbeing of their people

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